About the Event

In 2020, ABES – The Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering will hold in Brazil, for the second time (the first edition entitled Rio Water Week took place in Rio de Janeiro, in 2018), the most important event on water in the world: BRAZIL WATER WEEK (BWW), from 28th to 30th of October, at the Memorial da América Latina, in São Paulo/SP.

This achievement, which already takes place in other countries, such as Sweden and Singapore, will bring together professionals, companies from Brazil and other countries and will also involve the academic community, specialists and international organizations to discuss water in its broadest conception, addressing challenges, public policies and solutions and technologies existing in Brazil and around the world and focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: SDG 6 – WATER AND SEWAGE FOR ALL UNTIL 2030 (read about the progress of goal 6 in 2019 https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg6) .

This edition of the event brings two great news. The first is that the BWW will be held together with the II International Seminar on Water Losses Management and Energy Efficiency.

The second novelty is the Espaço Água – Water Exhibition), an interactive and environmental education exhibition open to the public to raise society’s awareness of sanitation and the environment.

With an audience expectation of 2 thousand people, BRAZIL WATER WEEK will make history, inserting the country, once again, in the most important discussions on water on the planet.

The launch of Brazil Water Week took place on December 5 at the headquarters of ABES-SP, in São Paulo.

About ABES

With 53 years working in sanitation and the environment in Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering – ABES brings together in its associative body about 10,000 professionals in the sector. ABES’s mission is to promote technical-scientific, political-institutional and management activities that contribute to the development of environmental sanitation, with a view to improving people’s health, environment and quality of life.




Theme 03: Efficient Management

Suporter: Rita Cavaleiro

Theme 05: Financing

Suporter: Luis Grisotto e Janaína Almeida

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