Theme 08

Environment - Climate Change - Sustainability

Climate change impacts on available water resources, including ensuring water and sanitation services for all (SDG6).

Significant changes in the hydrological cycle, precipitation distribution patterns, river outflows, replenishment and groundwater quality occur. There are also extreme events, such as droughts, floods, storms and melting glaciers. Climate change further increases existing challenges in ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, both in terms of quality and quantity.

In this theme, in its various sessions, representatives of governments, researchers, NGOs and businessmen discuss the effective adaptation of water supply and sanitation systems to climate change. Discussions will focus on adaptation to climate risks, water security and improved access to water.

The theme will be approached according to four general ideas, in five ordinary sessions, plus one plenary session:
– Relationship between Environment and water security;
– What the effect of Climate Change on the sustainability of the Water Resources and Drinking water;
– The issues related to Solid Waste Management in the sustainability of the water sector – plastics and food waste.
– Water resources diversification in order to assure sustainability: Desalination and Reuse, for instance.
As a transversal issue, it’s supposed to consider in each general idea the regional aspect.


Brilliant Mareme Petja

Comissão Sul-Africana de Pesquisa em Água

He is currently employed as a Research Manager for Climate Change at the
South African Water Research Commission. He obtained a Bachelor of Environmental
Sciences from University of Venda and a Master of Science in Geosciences (with
specialization in Remote Sensing) from University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.
He also obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in GIS and Remote Sensing from University of
Limpopo, South Africa, and a postgraduate training in Climate Change Mitigation and
Adaptation from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. His area of
expertise includes applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in global change (climate
change), natural resource management, rural development, public health and
epidemiology. He has previously worked as a Remote Sensing Scientist and a Specialist
Researcher in the Agricultural Sector.

TSG8 Carlos alberto Rosito - embaixador

Carlos Alberto Rosito


Embaixador do Evento

É engenheiro civil pela UFRGS, vice-presidente nacional da ABES, conselheiro sênior da GO Associados e da São Bernardo Previdência Privada. Integra ainda: Conselho de Competitividade da ABIMAQ; Conselho Diretor da ABES e Conselho Consultivo da ASFAMAS. Idealizador, embaixador e coordenador da programação técnica da Brazil Water Week.


Renato Giani Ramos

LATAM Hydranautics

Renato is a sales director for Hydranautics in Latin America, based in São Paulo. Hydranautics is headquartered in California and is one of the global leaders in the manufacture and supply of membranes and is present in the largest membrane plants in the world. He is a civil engineer, graduated from Unicamp, with a Master's Degree in Hydraulic and Sanitation Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, and also holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. During his 22 years of experience in the Water Market, he has assumed management and directorship roles in different multinationals in the sector. He was a university professor and has been directly involved in the design and support of the main membrane plants in Latin America. He was chairman of the IDA World Desalination and Reuse Congress in 2017, the vice president and director of the Latin American Desalination and Reuse Association, a moderator at Rio Water Week and coordinates the ABES Thematic Chamber for Desalination and Reuse. In 2018 he moderated the Desalination and Reuse session at the World Water Forum, in Brasília. He is the author of several articles, has given interviews on the subject and helped several organizations in the search for the implementation of technology to optimize the use of water resources.

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